Thursday, August 30, 2007

High “Tec” Skin Care in the Great Outdoors

Grand Rapids, MI (August 1, 2007) — In response to outdoor enthusiasts who demand quality products to enhance their camping, hunting and hiking experiences, Grabber adds Tec Labs brand outdoor skin care to their comprehensive sporting goods lineup. Offerings include 100% DEET insect repellent, first-aid gel, as well as the popular Tecnu cleanser used to scrub away oils picked up from poison ivy, oak and sumac plants.

Adding a complimentary product line to an already successful mix of sporting goods just made logical business sense to Grabber. “We are intently focused on the needs of our customer base,” says Chris Pappas, National Sales Manager for Grabber Performance Group. “Many of our customers carry a wide range of goods for outdoor enthusiasts. Our intent is to provide them added value by offering new and unique products, like Tecnu.”

Rash from poison ivy urushiol oil is one of the most common ailments contracted by camper, hikers and hunters. The affected areas of skin itch terribly and the condition may last weeks. Tecnu Outdoor Skin Cleanser, when used within 2-8 hours of exposure to the plants, can remove the oils even before the rash begins. Tec Labs created Tecnu to help remove poisonous oils from clothing, tools, and pets, as well.

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