Thursday, March 29, 2012

Grabber Outdoor Odyssey: Inception

It's a cool, spring night. Hanging with friends in the backyard. Work tomorrow is the furthest thing from your mind. You have a cold beverage in hand, intimate conversation and you love the ambiance of your surroundings...but it's cold! That's when you grab that all-purpose hoodie thing your mom gave you for Christmas, out of your car trunk, put there in case of emergency. That's why they call it all-purpose, though, because you can use it to beat the chill...or just chill.

Grabber's got a new crew. They may need a name—maybe not—but they've begun an odyssey: living life and making use of the awesome goods has to offer. Whether it's a hiking trip, a camping adventure, or just an evening party in the backyard, the Odyssey crew plans on showing you how cool it is to use Grabber Outdoors. Check out Heather by the firepit. See Justin and Margeaux goofing off, while she shows him proper hand placement. All the while staying comfortable and having fun doing it. Yeah, they may have to go to work the next day, but life is always happening. And that's what it's about. Are you ready for it?

Our Hooded All Weather Blanket is currently on sale in the Outdoor Gear section of, plus you can find the standard All Weather Blanket without hood on sale too.

Odyssey Crew Observations:
  • Good for a table-cloth and then cleanup afterwards was easy!
  • Made a mess in the chair with drinks, covered it up with an all-weather blanket, forgot all about the mess!
  • Covered the grill with it that night, it's been my grill cover ever-since. 
  • Keeps you extra warm, especially when you wrap it around yourself with the easy inserts for hand placement.
  • If you cut out the appropriate holes, it could be a really cool raincoat for dogs. (Stay tuned to future blogs, might be a photo coming up for that!)

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