Monday, April 23, 2012

I Will Survive!

The founder of the Rocky Mountain Blog, Jason, has led an exciting life so far and is very qualified to speak on survival, safety and outdoor items like our Space Brand All-Weather Blanket. He's completed US Army Wilderness Survival Training and also graduated from a government certified Wildland Firefighting Training Academy. Find out more about his team and why he loves the outdoors.

Rocky Mountain Bush, Space Blanket Test
They recently tested our All-Weather Blanket and the results were illuminating. Here's an exerpt from their article:

"Grabber Outdoor's Space All-Weather Blanket just might be the single greatest piece of survival gear I own. I don't make statements like this very often, but this is one piece of gear that's truly a marvel of versatility, toughness and utility. It's a ground tarp, a shelter, windbreaker, sunshade, rain poncho and even a rainwater collector. But its most important quality is its incredible ability to capture and reflect even small amounts of heat. This makes it an incredible cold weather survival tool, as even the heat from the tiniest wood fire or backpacking stove can be used to warm the body as you'll see in our test below."

Read the whole article at Rocky Mountain Bushcraft Review of Grabber's Space All-Weather Blanket

space brand all weather blanket
Grabber Space Brand All-Weather Blanket, Twin-Pack

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