Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sweet Heated Relief

Our slogan is “Providing warmth, comfort, and protection worldwide.” We do our best to stand by this philosophy, as we develop and produce products that will be of great assistance to people from all walks of life. Though our product line is constantly evolving, we are best known for manufacturing and distributing Grabber Warmers. Our wide variety of warmers has assisted many hunters, fishers, and skiers, as well as those involved in medical and emergency/rescue assistance.

We are always thrilled to spotlight faithful customers who relate stories of how our products have assisted them in some unique way. This particular testimonial is a refreshing twist from the usual tales of cold weather usage and an inside look at one of the many applications of our warming products, no matter the time of year. Stories like this remind us what we do here is making a difference around the world.

Kelli from New Hampshire writes, “Thank you for a great product! I am home, sick, with a stomach bug and couldn’t stop shivering. I remembered I had some toe warmers left over from winter and just put a pair in my socks. Ahhh…warm tootsies, shivering stopped. I’m going to put a package in my medicine cabinet, next to the Pepto!

A box of 40 pair Grabber Toe Warmers are on sale now for $35 (reg. $49.99)

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