Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Warmers.com Team Member Spotlight: Margeaux

No matter where you work, it's easy to pick out those employees who do more than just show up...who take pride in their job. Margeaux currently serves in a lead role in the E-commerce Distribution Center for Warmers.com and Grabber Inc. So when you receive your order—along with our thank-you packet—you can be assured either Margeaux or someone she’s trained has lent a personal touch to your order.

“I enjoy my job because I get to interact with every different department here and have relationships with people, instead of computer screens,” Margeaux says. When asked to describe her role, she explains, “I make sure orders go out timely and without a hitch. I love the products I work with too! Every winter, I make sure I have some Grabber warmers in my car and come summertime, I use multiple items from our outdoor line.”

Described as “Energetic”, “spunky”, “industrious” and “thorough” by her co-workers, she is on a first name basis with the local shipping representatives and is known for having the United States Postal Service, UPS and FedEx on speed dial. This miniature one-woman workforce has been contributing her many talents to the team at Warmers.com for the past three years. She can always be found purposefully hurrying to and fro about the warehouse, doing her very best to make sure deadlines are met and customers are satisfied.

Bottom line for Margeaux: “I love working at Grabber! The people and products are wonderful!”

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