Monday, October 29, 2012

Warmers 101

Welcome to, home to an exceptionally good-looking and highly intelligent bunch of individuals... OK, the highly intelligent part might be a bit of a stretch. Each day, we drink mass quantities of coffee to ensure we stay awake long enough to provide you top-quality, innovative products at great prices.

While we may fully understand the ins-and-outs of our products, we sometimes forget Grabber Warmers might be new to some folks. What will you get with your order? With every purchase comes a “thank you” packet, including a free warmer plus a step-by-step booklet detailing how Grabber Warmers work. Not only does Grabber make the best warmers in town, they're also incredibly simple to use! This booklet answers questions regarding activation, duration of heat, where to place the warmers, and much more.

Want to learn before you place an order? Have no fear! Simply visit and look for the little warmer guy (usually on our home page). You'll be able to download a digital version of the booklet, where he'll explain all about Grabber Warmers.

As always, feel free to give us a buzz at 800-518-0938 with any product questions. We are here to help! Now, if you’ll excuse us...we have another pot of coffee to brew.

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