Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: A Word From Our President

Unimaginable scenes of destruction: homes ripped from their foundations... millions of gallons of water forced into tunnels and subway systems... cars floating through streets and boats piled on each other in countless marinas. The Jersey Shore now remains a virtual ghost town, with shattered buildings, amusement park rides submerged underwater, and the famous boardwalk completely destroyed. Almost 100,000 New York residents are homeless; roughly 2 million individuals in the surrounding areas are still without heat and power. These statistics may be an all too common occurrence around the world, but when this happens in America, it’s sobering.

Now, just ten days after Hurricane Sandy unleashed her fury, east coast residents are bracing for a new storm predicted to strike with rain, wind and snow. Temperatures dip into the low 20’s now and victims have been given no time to pick up the pieces, as they search for ways to stay warm. Please take a moment to read a message from our President, then help us assist the less fortunate, if you’re able:


Dear Donor,

Hurricane Sandy has caused massive devastation and left thousands of people homeless or without electricity or gas needed to heat their homes. The weather in the afflicted areas is cold and turning colder, leaving these poor folks with the very basic need of staying warm. Grabber's mission is to provide "warmth, comfort and protection" and we are in a position to do that with your help. Through the miracle of technology, Grabber is offering you a chance to make a donation of warmers in a way that is far better than simply donating cash. Let me explain how this works.

Grabber has chosen the product we feel is best suited to the Sandy victims. It is our Ultra Warmer. This is an extra large warmer with extended duration which is what people need when they are coping with these extreme conditions. We are offering you the opportunity to donate this product at a wholesale rather than a retail price. You can purchase a case of 240 Ultra Warmers for $99 plus $10 shipping (FedEx ground) at This product typically sells in retail stores for over $1 each, so the quantity in a case would sell for well over $200 at retail. Because we are the manufacturer and we are shipping directly to the charitable organization that will deliver it to the needy, they will get more product than if you had made a cash donation and that organization spent the money to purchase the product locally. Think of it as a highly leveraged donation! What's more, the victims are going to get the product best suited to serve their needs.

I am thrilled the miracle of technology allows us to put you, as a donor, together with a qualified charitable organization, with us acting as the liaison. I want to make sure you understand how this works, so let me just outline the steps:
  1. You purchase one or more cases of this specially-marked product on at $99 plus $10 shipping. (Note: During checkout, just use your shipping address. We'll send it to the charity instead.)
  2. We immediately ship your purchase to the organization delivering the warmers to those in need.
  3. Product will be distributed at no charge to the needy and you will receive a letter from the organization acknowledging your donation for tax purposes.
That is all there is to it. Please help us make a difference in the lives of these people by ensuring that we meet their basic need to stay warm. If you have any questions at all, please contact us at 800-518-0938.

Thank you for your donation.


J. B. Wagner, President

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