Monday, June 17, 2013

Warmer Weekend #2: Father's Day 2013

We're very normal here at HQ. We barbecue, have bon fires, can't keep house plants alive and shoot hoops on the carport. We celebrated our fathers this past weekend just like a lot of America did. We also celebrated time with people we rarely get to see. Margeaux snapped some pictures of her #warmerweekend to share with us today!

"It's not a family get together if there isn't food. Grandpa was grilling out before we arrived and we unpacked the car eager to eat. Some of the guys played some hoops while we were waiting and later the 'ol pig skin was tossed around. We're very much about family, fun... and food. I was also very jealous of the garden they have growing! Man, it puts my little window boxes to shame!"

 "Have you all ever been Geocacheing? Yeah - me either! We gathered flash lights and went out to find some treasures on Saturday. It was a blast."

"On our way home we stopped in Frankenmuth to wander through the Craft Fair that was going on. We didn't end up getting anything, but it was fun to just look at things. I love craft anything, so we had to make a quick walk through!"

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating Dad! We would love to be able to check out your adventures! Make sure to hashtag #warmerweekend on Facebook, Twitter & Google+!

Until next time,
The Warmer Team

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