Monday, July 15, 2013

Camping just got a little more enjoyable…

When summer comes rolling in, we all know that the local camp grounds will soon be full.

The definition of camping has long been debated between the more urban and residential individuals, who fervently defend their belief that camping is a popup camper with wifi access, water hookup and an electrical generator.

This thought process is one that drives the purists all into a fury, as they work to perfect their ability to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together and have no qualms about relieving themselves behind a tree. 

No matter your belief, camping becomes Man (or Woman) vs. Nature, as you escape from the concrete jungle and fall asleep to the sound of bull frogs and crickets in the surrounding great outdoors. 
Being true supporters of traipsing through the sticks, we have always worked to find ways that would make it more enjoyable, even for the adventure seeker.

Don’t worry, even Bear Grylls doesn’t mind a little comfort in the wild.

Our solution to nipping the cold on the chilly nights spent out in the woods is our Sleeping Bag Warmer. This fantastic little polar fleece pouch is just the right size to slip into your sleeping bag and help keep your toes nice and warm during the night, while watching out for your feet with the protective layer between the warmer and your skin.

Simply expose the warmer to air to activate it and once it has been given good air exposure, slip in inside the pouch and give yourself a wonderful night’s sleep!

Just in time for your next camping adventure, you can now visit our website to purchase the sleeping bag warmer (regularly priced at $10.99) at a steal for 50% off!
Also, check out a large assortment of our warmers accessories on sale from regular cost at 15% off!

So, get that backpack and tent loaded up – Mother Nature is waiting…

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