Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Closing out the summer in style

When August rolls around, an interesting variety of weather is known to rear its head.
The chances of us running the air one minute during the day and shutting it off the next are very high, depending on what part of the country we reside.

This time of year brings us the last precious moments of our beloved summer and we plan to make the most of it. As you prepare for the start of late summer/early fall activities such as soccer, football, bonfires and many other family events, you want to be sure we are well supplied with products to fit all settings.

This week, we would like to offer you a product that we feel fits this to a tee, featuring a variety pack of some of our most popular types of warmers.

For this week only, you can purchase our ExcursionPack (normally priced at $24.99) for an amazing deal of 50% off the original price! This gives you 8 of our Body Warmers, 8 pair of our Hand Warmers and 8 pair of our Toe Warmers for an amazing savings!

So, as the evenings begin to slowly bring back a slight chill in the air, this variety pack is sure to have you covered with a great source of warmth and comfort, giving you more enthusiasm while you cheer from the sidelines for your young athletes! Don’t miss your opportunity to stock up for an even more enjoyable late summer season with the family.

The Warmer Team

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