Thursday, October 24, 2013

It’s that time of year again...

The only time of year where you can find Walter White walking hand in hand with Miley Cyrus, as they pass President Obama showing off his newly acquired sweet treats to Uncle Si.
As your little Minions make their way out the door to conquer the candy supply of the neighboring homes, we want to extend a special offer to you, our readers, to insure that they will stay nice and toasty throughout their expedition.
While you work to bundle up the little ones (and the not so little ones), we have just a few of our top sellers that we are making available to you to make this Halloween the most enjoyable and safe thus far.

Our HotHands Adhesive Body Warmers are the perfect fit to any costume, from Spiderman to Cinderella! The adhesive backing keeps this powerful pack of cozy warmth securely in place while the family moves door to door. It’s even great for Mom or Dad to use while out keeping a watchful eye.

You may know us as “The Warmer Guys”, but we also pride ourselves on an extensive variety of accessories as well!

For this limited time Halloween special, we would like to offer you our Eco-Fleece Pop Top Glommit, our 

Eco-Fleece Gloves, and our Eco-Fleece Beanie all at a savings of 20% off! This gives you access to some of our most popular cold weather apparel accessories at a fantastic discounted price! Just enter the special discount code, TREAT20 at the time of your order and it will automatically deduct 20% from your purchase total – simple as that!

We always love to save the best for last. For the final piece of the preparation puzzle, we think you will love the fantastic fit that our Children’s Thermal Heat Holder Socks will be for your outdoor adventures!
We have enough colors to keep even the most particular little munchkin happy!
From Bright Violet to Forest Green, we have the right fit for everyone – and at $7.49 a pair (regularly priced at $14.99), how could you say no?

We would love to see pictures of how your little ones get decked out this year – feel free to send them our way and we would love to post them!

Have a safe and enjoyable time out with the family this year! 

Until next time, 

The Warmer Team

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