Wednesday, May 7, 2014

For The Love Of Mothers

While the criteria for receiving a medal of honor normally falls into the category of bravery in the midst of battle, I genuinely believe that the role of being a mother is as equally deserving.

During one of countless “kitchen table conversations” had with my Mom, I remember asking her if she felt prepared to have children. Her response?

“No one can ever fully prepare you for being a mother. Motherhood changes you.”

For a woman who gave birth 8 times, she should know. 

Statistics show that a toddler is in need of their mother’s attention an average of 210 times daily. This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of Parent/Teacher Conferences, soccer games, bake sales, emergency room visits, prom dress shopping and mending your favorite pair of jeans.

Moms know how to get it done.

We are offering a perfect opportunity to give back to Mom this Mother’s Day.

For this week only, stop by our website and pick up a pair (or three) of our Women’s Heat Holder’s Original Style Socks at 20% off the purchase price (originally $19.99)! Proven to be seven times warmer than a basic cotton sock, Heat Holders are made from a specially developed heavy bulk yarn which has extreme thermal qualities. With long pile cushioning, these thermal socks will help keep feet warm and fully comfortable. The inside of each sock is not only sensationally soft, but also traps warm air close to the skin keeping your feet warmer for longer. 

Available in a large variety of colors, you are sure to find a perfect fit for your Mother this year.
Say thanks to Mom in a special way…she deserves it for so many reasons.
Until Next Time, 
The Warmer Team

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