Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vacation Spot Round Up: Michigan

If you did a quick picture run through before you read the article (yes, I do it, too) then you noticed that I'm partial to places that are close to some kind of water. Lakes, rivers, ponds, puddles... I don't mind that much, I just think being on or by water is relaxing. 

I travel around Michigan quite a bit, but these are some of my favorite vacay destinations. I also think they aren't really well known - so I would like to share them with you all. You should also note that "Vacation" to me could be anything from going to Europe for six months or staying at my grand parents house for two days, so take that as you will and read on! 

 #1 - Gaylord, MI
This is probably the most well known of the four, but I still feel like people take it for granted. Yes, you've probably driven by it on your way to "bigger and better" travel destinations in Michigan. At some point you should give it a try, though. Camp sites and cabin rentals are reasonable, the hiking trails are numerous and canoeing on the river is SO MUCH FUN! Pardon my enthusiasm. I just can't get over how much I love canoeing. 
 #2 - Jugville, MI
This is not a joke, so please stop snickering. Jugville holds a gem known as The Shack (I've written briefly about it before) and it is incredible. Wood cabin apartments (it's like camping, except you get a bathroom in your cabin!), ice cream Sundays every night and a little lake. Sure, you might not want to stay for 7 days straight - but for a weekend or extended weekend get-a-way you're going to be hard up finding a better place to stay. 
 #3 - Lexington, MI
Lexington is a small town with an adorable downtown atmosphere. It's also right on the lake, so you can walk to beach or pier. The camp grounds are numerous as are the trails. The sunsets and sunrises are equally gorgeous when you're on a body of water as awesome as Lake Huron. A personal favorite camp ground is Lexington Park. Not too far from town and feels homey? Check.
#5 - Mio, Mi
Ah, Mio. I have saved my personal favorite for last. I'll shoot straight with you, I haven't camped here because we have a cabin, but I'm sure there are great camping spots. I love the hiking trails and rivers (yay canoeing!) as well as the Amish stores. Small town life can't be beat if you just want some time away from the business of the city.

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