Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day Trip: Traverse City

It will never cease to amaze me how much has yet to be discovered in a state that I have resided my entire life.

While growing up in northern Michigan, there was what seemed to be an endless stretch of countryside surrounding my parents six and a half acres and my siblings and I did our best to explore as much of it as possible.

There is always adventure to be had as a child.

This summer, I made it my mission to embrace the desire to explore my state once again.
The beauty of Michigan is there always seems to be some region that hasn't been visited and thanks to the vast expanse of our surrounding lakes, there is always a view of the sunset over the lake that is as fresh as the beaches surrounding it.

I jumped in the car on Labor Day with two friends and made our way north, GPS in tow ready to tackle some of the beauty of northern Michigan.

Our first stop was Mission Point Lighthouse on Old Mission Peninsula, north of Traverse City.

The lighthouse was used for guiding mariners from 1870 until it was decommissioned 1933 and features a beautiful beach below with water shallow enough to wade out for quite a distance.

Tranquil would be one of the best ways to describe the beach. A silence that touched each individual who walked along it, enough so that hardly anyone spoke a word.

Following a quick stop in Traverse City for some fabulous pie at the Grand Traverse Pie Company, we made our way northwest of Traverse City to picturesque Suttons Bay.

This one of the most charming little towns that I have ever visited! This little gem lies along the eastern shore of the Leelanau Peninsula and features an environment that caters to every age group.
From the wineries that feature locally processed wine from the endless vineyards, to the local beaches to the charming marina, this little town is a location that everyone should take the time to visit.

The lesson we took from the day is to never keep your exploration in a box for fear of missing something that may very well be sitting right under your nose. Taking a single day to explore your state is the perfect get away from your daily routine and is sure to give you a fresh appreciation for where you have been planted.

Dream a little, think outside the box and take a day to get away.

Until Next Time, 

Emily + The Warmer Team

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