Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Product Spotlight: Grabber Ultra Warmers

Every occupation holds aspects to it that tend to stray from the glamorous.

For a Ski Patrol officer, one day you could be mingling with families on the slope of a local resort and the next you may be working to uncover a hiker that was caught in an unexpected avalanche.

Working in the shipping industry could find you shipping out a birthday gift to a grandson or granddaughter and the following day could find you shouldering the task on shipping a load of exotic fish to a wealthy entrepreneur.

No matter the line of work, when you have been trusted to fulfill a task involving a temperature-sensitive setting, you want to be sure that the accessories you have to assist you are as dependable as you are.

The Grabber 24+ Hour Ultra Warmer has been living up to the power behind its name for years.

The clean, dry and odorless material is both non-toxic and non-flammable making it a fantastic addition to either a drawn out emergency rescue operation in the mountains, or simply looking to ship a load of sensitive medical supplies to a third world country.

Heating up to a dependable 124 degrees (149 degrees maximum), our individually wrapped maximum duration warmers have been supplying customers for years with a solution to maintain the needed temperature for shipping anything from medical accessories, tropical plants and also variations of tropical fish.

From assisting with rescue efforts around the world to ensuring that "Nemo" will arrive safety to your nephew for his birthday, the Ultra Warmer is sure to go above and beyond earning its keep while in your possession.

Why not pick up a box and see for yourself?

Until Next Time,
The Warmer Team

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