Monday, October 20, 2014

Warmer Weekend #28: A Taste of Northern Michigan

I just want to get it out there that I love summer.

When you live in a state that, if surrounded by any more lakes would be its own island, you learn to have an appreciation for the fresh water beaches from all sides.

While the summer sun is a rare and treasured thing here in the Mitten, I have to say that autumn in Michigan is one of my very favorite times of the year.

October boasts some of the richest and most creative color schemes you will find anywhere and is known for bringing in spectators to partake in just one of the many attractions that Michigan has to offer.

This past weekend, I made the trek north to the house I grew up in the western point of Montcalm County. My parents still reside there, while my siblings and I have mostly made our way south towards the thriving metropolis of  Grand Rapids.

My oldest sister's birthday was the latest reason for the family to gather and we couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather.

October in Michigan can swing one way or the other and not in a leisurely manner. Mother Nature seems to get a bit particular this time of year and anyone who has lived in the state long enough knows to keep every possible weather necessity within reach in their vehicle.

Following dinner, my Mom, sisters and myself, along with several nieces and nephews ventured out for a walk and as always, the trees did not disappoint.

We encourage you to take a little walk out your door to see what autumn is doing on your side of the tracks. We're sure you won't be disappointed.

Until Next Time,
Emily The Warmer Team

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